ThixO Aviation Grease is a specialty lubricant designed for specific aviation applications including helicopter rotor shafts, splines and hub assemblies. AAE is excited to announce that we have become a local distributor for Awsum Outcomes and will be supplying ThixOSyn and ThixO#2 products in 425g tubes and 17kg pails.

Stock is in store now!

ThixOSyn Synthetic Aviation Grease is in conformance to MIL-PRF-24139 and Bell Helicopter consumable material reference C-172. The high performance fully synthetic grease combines the unique properties of a PAO synthetic base oil and advanced EP/AW chemistry with the unique properties of an overbased calcium sulfonate thickener. This special formula provides excellent performance in all aviation applications and long lasting protection for aircraft components.

ThixO#2 demonstrates outstanding sheer stability and exhibits a broad temperature range (-35C to >250C) dependant on application requirements. It meets the Bell Helicopter material reference C-561. Both ThixOSyn and ThixO#2 have an NGLI consistency grade of 2.

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