Tension-Torsion Straps are a flight critical component found in the main rotor hub of a variety of Bell and Enstrom helicopters. Airwolf Aerospace is an industry leader in offering superior aftermarket straps, boasting extended calendar life retirement intervals (36 month).

AAE is excited to announce that we have become a distributor for these products and stock is on the shelf!

Airwolf straps are approved and available for the following aircraft models:

  • Bell 206A, 206B, 206B-1, 206B3, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3, 206L-4, OH-58A, OH-58A+, OH-58C
  • Bell 204B, Bell 205A, Bell 205A-1, Bell 205B,Bell 205FRG, Bell 205 GRC, Bell 210, Bell 212, Bell 212IAF, Bell HH-1N, UH-1B, UH-1C, UH-1D, UH-1F, UH-1H, UH-1HR5, CUH-1N, UH-1N, HH-1N
  • Enstrom F28 & 280 Helicopters

  • Approvals for these straps include:

  • FAA STC/ PMA, Transport Canada STC, EASA STC, ANAC Brazil STC
  • Further product details can be found directly at www.airwolfaerospace.com/awa/products

    To explore the other MRO and manufacturing elements of our business, please visit – www.austserospace.com

    NOTE: These straps will not be listed or sold through the AAE eStore. Please contract us directly for pricing and availability of Airwolf straps. Contact Adam Johnston on (02) 60262614 or email sales@aaestore.com.au